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Focus your fitness: your 2020 aspirations

POSTED Friday 17 January 2020

Exercising more, eating healthier and losing weight continue to be among the top New Year’s resolutions made in our community, and studies say that by four weeks later, up to 36% of people have given up on their well-meaning goals. By setting more specific fitness targets, it is much easier to focus on what you are achieving and make it much more tangible.

At Sport & Fitness, one of the programmes that members have access to is the Technogym Mywellness app, a smartphone programme that allows you to track your progress, input targets and measure your workouts.

But it’s even more specific than that. Once you sign up, you have access to the ‘aspiration map’ survey – a series of questions that takes just a couple of minutes and produces a breakdown of what motivates you to get to your goal.

Get back on track

Once you complete the aspiration map, Mywellness will generate a table of descending priorities when it comes to your workout, leading with the top two based on your responses.

It can be very overwhelming when you go into a gym and don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do or the best things for you, so by having some direction about what will keep your workout engaging and focused on your goals, you’re more likely to continue with your resolutions and get more effective results.

Find your focus

The aspiration map could indicate that your main focus is on burning calories and toning muscle (the ‘Shape’ aspiration), or on trying new things and interacting with other people (‘Fun’). Whatever it is, Mywellness can also help you to find the best workouts for you.

For staff and community members, the app has a series of pre-set programmes grouped into the different

aspiration map

aspirations. Once you complete your aspiration map, and find out what sort of training might be good for you, you can tailor the pre-set programmes to your lifestyle, indicating how often you’d like to exercise, how, and for how long. The app will then filter the programmes based on your preferences, and hey presto! Your personal training programme can begin.

For example, if your top aspiration is ‘Power’ (improving your physical strength), you can find a number of programmes on the app tailored specifically for this, to keep you interested and focused, and ensuring your workout is varied and inspiring.

So why not keep your 2020 fitness goals on track by using the Mywellness app and completing the aspiration map? Once you set your facility as Sport & Fitness, you can also challenge yourself against friends and other Sport & Fitness users to do the most MOVEs (a combination of steps, activities and calorie-burns) within two week periods, and get yourself on the leader board!



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