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Body Attack 100 – the new release!

POSTED Thursday 12 April 2018

Body Attack is the Les Mills Sports Cardio class that’s all about fun, sweat, challenge and shared energy. The launch of Body Attack 100 on 14 April saw the best exercise party ever, with a team of lovely instructors, balloons and even cake!

Attack has 55, 45 and 30 minute formats, all of which we offer on our timetable, and every class combines cardio and strength for amazing fitness results. Body Attack is famous for its amazing music, and the celebration of its 100th release was no exception! Helen Coy is one of our Group Exercise Instructors, and has been an avid Attack participant for over 6 years. We chatted to her about what you can expect from a typical class.

What sort of moves can we expect from Body Attack?

Sports inspired cardio exercises mainly – running, jumping, lunges, press ups, squats and burpees all feature in the average class. There’s also great old-school Aerobic tracks with leg curls and sometimes the odd heel dig! Every single move has a low impact choice, and I have people of all ages and abilities in my classes – it’s the best way to get fit, as the music and other people help you keep going. I would never achieve so much on my own in the gym!

How was your first class?

It was honestly one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I’ve never been a sporty person, and I turned up to my first class in plimsolls that didn’t fit and swimming shorts!!! The instructor, Michelle, was amazing and I had the BEST hour, even though I spent two thirds of it with stitch! I loved the friendliness and the ‘team challenge’ atmosphere she created. I ended up buying trainers and actual shorts, and it became the class I’d never miss in my week. Michelle now teaches Jam and Pump at UBSport, and I’m proud to now teach my favourite 18.15 Thursday Attack class! It’s always the highlight of my week.

I’m not very fit – is it still for me?!

Absolutely – the whole point of Attack is that it provides options for every fitness level. Everyone moves to their own maximum, and we do it as a team. It’s my favourite part of the job when someone new experiences the craziness of the Thursday class for the first time and gives it their best – trust me, everyone else is finding it just as hard, we just aren’t surprised by it anymore! Plus we take strategic water/ singing/ dancing recovery breaks!

So – this cake you mentioned. Is it worth all the jumping?!

Absolutely! I promise you’ll also burn at least an extra 100 calories laughing at me and the team’s antics, plus singing your way through the amazing tunes!


Body Attack 100 launches at UB Sport and Fitness Saturday 14 April and saw a fantastic crowd of regulars and newbies trying out the latest release!


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