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Body Building – Physique Development and Competition Prep

POSTED Tuesday 27 March 2018

Following the second edition of our Fit Focus Forum (a free health and fitness mini-conference for members) at the Sport & Fitness club on 26 March, we caught up with our Experts to get the low-down on their discussions.

Rikki Varney is a Personal Trainer in the Sport & Fitness gym, as well as being a Competitive Bodybuilder. In his last competitive season he entered four competitions, which resulted in two 1st place finishes and 3rd place in the PCA British Bodybuilding Finals. Rikki also trains and coaches many other physique athletes from Bikini, Classic Bodybuilding to Open Bodybuilding, ranging from first time competitors to British champions. In this edition of the Fit Focus Forum, Rikki discussed the technical specifications required of a competitor’s physique for the strenuous and physically-challenging art of bodybuilding, and how best to develop this skill, as well as the common mistakes found when training.

Physique Development and Competition Prep

‘Training with the goal of improving body composition involves good amount of thought as well as planning and preparation. Physique development is all about increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat. Having a set plan of action with distinct goals and a deadline will lead to a much better likelihood of success than not. I like to think of three main principles when looking for physique development:

  • Execution (ensuring you can safely ‘do’ the training without harming your body, inside or out)
  • Intensity (making sure you are challenging yourself, not letting the training get too easy and just pushing yourself a little further)
  • Progression (gradually developing your training plan to keep your body working hard)

‘However, being a Personal Trainer I see a lot of issues when people are training in gyms – such as form and execution, the specifics of their training, the levels of intensity – it’s important to watch these things to make sure you aren’t injuring yourself and you are monitoring your progress.

‘For those interested in taking their physique one step further, one-day competing might be of interest. Competing is not for everyone. However if this is a goal you would like to pursue I would take the following into consideration:

  • Weigh out the pros/cons. Competing can be overwhelming and you have to ensure certain aspects of life aren’t neglected in the process.
  • Set a distinct goal and get a plan in action. This may require hiring an experienced coach or trainer to help you identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Give yourself a year. This will allow you to not only make improvements but also put your body in a good position to start a contest preparation phase.
  • Go and watch some live competitions!’

Read about Rikki here to find out more or to get in touch, contact the Gym at Sport & Fitness.


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