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Putting the Personal into Training

POSTED Monday 1 January 2018

Making the most out of your membership with the gym services

Need some motivation to get your New Year fitness goals going? We’ve all been there – ‘it’s too cold’, ‘I’m too tired’ or the best one – ‘I’ll start tomorrow’!

At this time of year, it’s always that little bit harder to get out of bed and into the gym. And sometimes, you feel like it’s a never-ending battle to your goal – it’s hard to push yourself to try something new or find an alternative way to exercise. We chatted to one of our members, Maria, who uses the services provided by the gym to motivate her to her fitness goals, to see if they can help battle the age-old excuses.

Time constraints
‘Like most people, I have very busy life and I need to make every single minute in the gym count. When I didn’t have a PT, I would miss sessions in the gym or not give 100% – always finding excuses! With a PT, it made me committed and accountable to someone other than myself and for me that works very well as motivation. I also know that my technique is being looked at so I am more confident to lift weights, instead of being scared I would injure myself.’

Lack of focus and concentration
‘For me, the most important thing I need is to have clear goals, discuss them openly with my PT, and know where I am heading. Some people are very confident in the gym, but for those less so even a session or two of PT really helps to review technique, set goals, and just train with an expert. When you hit a plateau or lose motivation to train, my PT has always been able to enthuse me into exercising, when I’ve been lacking concentration. Plus, my PT uses the machines and weights in very creative ways, which helps relieve the boredom that you can get with repetitive sessions and means I actually look forward to the gym!’

‘When I first started, my goal was to get stronger. I would have never EVER imagined I was going to be able to do the things I am able to do now. I still remember the first time my PT asked me to do 10 push ups – we had being training for a few months, but in my mind someone like me could never do something like that! My PT encouraged me, and to my surprise I quite easily managed them! Personal training has broken all my own preconceived ideas of what I can do and achieve.’

‘It won’t help me’
‘Now, my time in the gym counts, and I can see the change in my body. I feel proud of what it has achieved, it’s always improving, and it is healthier because when I started training I also learned about how to eat better. I am confident at sports and physical activities where I wasn’t before, and overall I enjoy and thrive on the challenges that my PT puts in front of me (even though sometimes I might not look like I do!). I never thought I could achieve this much in the gym, and it’s soooo empowering. Personal training gives me more than a stronger body, it gives me a stronger and more determined mind.’


‘After a whole  year going to the gym without noticing any significant difference in my fitness, I knew I had to do something different. Wayne was the first PT that really listened to what I wanted, explained the plan and why he was proposing the exercises. For the first time, I saw a real difference in my physique, my strength, and my confidence.’

– Maria


Whether it’s personal training (a dedicated expert who tailors your workout to your needs), specific muscle & weight analysis (an in-depth assessment of fat distribution around your body to see what exercises will target your challenging areas), or a health & fitness assessment, the experts in Sport & Fitness are on hand to help you adapt your workout to suit your schedule, and challenge you to reach your goal.

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