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Junior Swimming Lessons

At Sport & Fitness, we believe swimming isn’t just a sport, it is also a vital life skill. Learning to swim as a child means that not only do you learn this skill early, you then have a lifetime to enjoy the health and fitness benefits of swimming.

Our teachers are dedicated to producing strong, confident swimmers using the Swim England Learn to Swim pathway.

Please note, we currently have a large waiting list for swimming lessons.


If you are unable to attend swimming lessons due to a positive Covid-19 result or you have been asked to self-isolate due to Covid-19, please complete this form to notify us.


Covid-19 Notification Form

By completing this form, you are giving consent for the University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness to contact you about this enquiry. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Review UoB Sport & Fitness' Privacy Policy at the bottom of our website.

Offering a Unique Experience

  • Lessons over 10 weeks for children up to 16
  • Each child will be issued with a swimming hat and a locker band
  • Certificates are included at no extra cost
  • Parents have access to the homeportal which allows you to follow your child’s progress and purchase lessons
  • Children’s swimming lessons run throughout the week during term time
  • Duckling classes and lessons for stages 1-7 are 30 minutes
  • Lessons for stages 8-10 are 45 minutes

Delivering Expertise

  • Highly qualified and passionate teachers, delivering the Swim England Learn to Swim pathway
  • Duckling classes for 3-4 year olds have a ratio of one teacher for three children
  • For Stage 1 the ratio is one teacher for four children
  • For Stage 2 the ratio is one teacher for four children
  • For Stages 3-7 is one teacher to ten children
  • For Stages 8-10 is one teacher to ten children
  • We follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway. If you are unsure of the correct stage for your child, please look at the expected outcomes of each stage here.


To top-up your (child’s) swimming lessons or to check your (child’s) progress on your lesson please log in to the home portal.


Complete the form below if you require a new or replacement membership card. Please note, you will not be able to access Sport & Fitness without a valid membership card as both juniors and adults need to swipe in and out of the building.

New/replacement membership cards have a £10 charge.

Request a new membership card

Swimming Lesson Membership Card Replacement

Please note, there is a £10 charge for replacement membership cards. By completing this form, you are giving consent for the University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness to contact you about this enquiry. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Review UoB Sport & Fitness' Privacy Policy at the bottom of our website.

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Please remind yourself of the measures we have in place at Sport & Fitness and the procedures for swimming lessons by watching the video and reading the information below.

  • Access will only be granted to Sport & Fitness with a valid membership card. Both juniors and accompanying parent/guardians must have their membership card to swipe in and out of the building. We will not be able to permit you access into the building for your lesson without a valid membership card for each individual person. Each person must swipe their own card (or a parent can swipe their junior’s card, then their own), but each card must be swiped to ensure your attendance is logged. If you do not have a membership card or have lost it, please complete the ‘Request a new membership card’ form above, and we will arrange a new/replacement card for you to collect at reception before your first lesson. Please note that there is a charge of £10 for replacement membership cards.
  • Arrive up to 10 minutes before your session start time. You will be asked to queue in the relevant area for your activity outside the Sport & Fitness club, then a Staff Member will invite you in for your session.
  • Swimmers need to arrive ‘beach-ready’, with swimwear underneath their clothes as there are no changing rooms available. Both children and adults that are required to be in the water with their children (Ducklings and Stage 1) need to arrive with their swimwear underneath their clothes. After the lesson, swimmers will be required to towel dry and put their clothes (or a dressing gown / onesie) over their swimming costume, and exit the building promptly. Where it is necessary for a child to change before leaving the building (e.g. they travel to lessons using public transport), there will be the opportunity to use allocated changing rooms on request. In order to request use of a changing room, please email us at in advance of your first lesson. On poolside, the lead teacher will allocate you changing room space. Children and their parents in Ducklings and Stage 1 will also be allowed to use a changing room without needing to request one.
  • Face coverings are mandatory except whilst swimming. Unless you have a general exemption, juniors over the age of 11 and all adults must wear a face covering except whilst exercising.
  • Only one parent / guardian is allowed on poolside. This is to reduce the capacity in the pool area and facilitate social distancing. Parents / guardians on poolside will be required to wear a face covering at all times, unless you have a general exemption. Where it is unavoidable, parents can have siblings of the child swimming sat on poolside, but they must remain with the parent at all times. Please remember, juniors 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult on poolside. Juniors age 9 – 13 do not need to be accompanied on poolside, however, please wait either outside Sport & Fitness or in the car park if you are not on poolside. Juniors over the age of 14 can attend lessons independently.
  • Ducklings and Stage 1 classes will require a parent in the water with the child. This will help younger, less confident children with social distancing in lessons, and make the transition back to lessons easier, as teachers will not be in the water with them.
  • If swimmers are required to self-isolate or test positive for Covid-19, you will need to complete our Covid-19 Notification Form. The form can be found on this page. Please note that you will need to provide evidence.
  • If you are parking in the Sport & Fitness multi-storey carpark, you no longer need to take a ticket. Instead, please swipe your junior’s card through the card reader and this will let you in to the car park. You will need to swipe the card to exit from the carpark too. Please note, parking will only be free for 20 minutes before and after your lesson time.
  • Top up payments can only be made using the Home Portal. To reduce social clustering and manage capacities in reception, you will not be able to make top up payments for lessons at reception. If you have not signed up to, or do not have access to the Home Portal, please send us an email at and we will send you instructions on how to sign up.

Please note:  Children’s swimming lessons will run for ten consecutive weeks from the date of your first lesson. Only lessons missed due to medical reasons (doctor’s note required) can be re-credited. Please see the terms & conditions for more details.