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Raymond Priestley Centre

The Raymond Priestley Centre is the University of Birmingham’s outdoor education centre. We provide residential courses, which focus on learning using outdoor activities and the outdoor environment.

The Centre is located on the shore of Coniston Water in the Lake District, Cumbria in the North West of England. The Lake District is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Our friendly and professional staff have extensive experience of teaching and coaching people in team skills through the medium of outdoor and adventurous activities. The Centre has a strong history of providing memorable, valuable and worthwhile learning programmes to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

^A Day at the Raymond Priestley Centre


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What We Do

  • Provide outstanding opportunities to learn and develop the key skills required to work effectively with other people
  • Create a positive learning environment that allows individuals and teams to try things out as they develop new skills
  • Use adventurous activities such as canoeing, mountain walking and problem solving activities to help individuals work together as a team
  • Provide resources and training that are flexible and allow participants to see how lessons learnt during the course will be useful in their normal working situation.