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Squash at 360

Squash League

The Squash League is open to all squash and inclusive members at Sport & Fitness. This recreational league offers an opportunity for players of all ages and ability to meet new opponents in fun, competitive matches.

The leagues run in six week cycles and matches are organised by the players so you can schedule games whenever is convenient for both opponents. New members will be welcomed into a league at the beginning of the next six-week cycle. New members will join the lowest league unless you would like to be assessed on your playing standard.

We also offer our members the opportunity to compete in the Warwickshire League, in which we currently have four teams competing in the Winter League and one in the Summer League. The Warwickshire League is a higher competitive standard than the Squash League and typically only competitors from Divisions 1 and 2 will be selected for the Warwickshire teams. Discover more about the Warwickshire League.

Contact: / 0121 4144117 for more information.