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Peak Gym at Sport & Fitness, Squash & Swim membership gives you access to the following: Gym, Squash, Swim (including sauna & steam room). Please note, all memberships are single site only, therefore, this membership will not give you access to Tiverton Gym.

First Visit

Members are asked to register at reception upon their first visit to have their photo taken and obtain their UoB Sport & Fitness locker band.
You’ll use your student ID card to gain access throughout the facilities.


Before attending the gym, a member must attend an induction session or have watched the induction video.
Members cannot use personal trainers, other than coaches appointed by us, in the gym



  • Use their towel to sit / lie on when using the equipment. If you fail to bring a towel with you to the gym on more than three occasions, your membership will be temporarily suspended.
  • Wipe equipment after use with sanitiser wipes provided.
  • Wear suitable, clean footwear at all times.
  • Return all gym equipment to the correct place when they have finished using i




  • All swimmers must wear an appropriate coloured locker band at all times.
  • All swimmers must shower before using the swimming pool.
  • No outdoor footwear allowed in the pool hall or changing areas.
  • The use of mobile phones/tablets/recording devices is not allowed in the pool hall or changing areas.
  • Only plastic drinking bottles are allowed in the pool hall or changing areas.

Click HERE to view the latest swimming pool timetable.



Members whose membership includes peak squash can book two peak court per day, capped at two courts per week, without charge.
Any additional bookings over this limit will be charged to the members account accordingly.
Peak Squash members can book up to two off-peak squash courts per day.


  • Non marking, clean footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Please vacate the court at the end of your booking.



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Spectator events

Got Game? Get on court!

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