Judo is an Olympic sport and martial art comprising throws, holds, strangles and arm locks, the aim is to use your opponent’s weight against them, this means that your size doesn’t matter. We are a friendly club that accepts players of all skill levels from the elite to complete novices.


We are coached by Fitzroy Davies, 6th Dan, who previously coached Craig Fallon who was both an Olympian and World Champion at U60kg. His expertise both technically and competitively allows every player to reach their goals. 

Each year the team attends USIST where University teams from across the UK and Europe congregate in Sheffield for a weekend of competition, comradery and socialising. Irrespective of experience it can be counted on as being the yearly highlight with competitors of all grades fighting alongside each other and supporting their team as they fight for the title of student team of the year.


We have seen success competitively at BUCS with our experienced players medalling individually and as teams as well at competitions for lower grades.



President: Sam Collins



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