Jess Shaw - Swimming Club Captain

Jess Shaw - Swimming Club Captain

Swimming Club

Swimming Club

Swimming Club

Swimming Club




The University of Birmingham Swimming Club is an all-inclusive club, that caters all levels of swimmers. Whether you are a beginner or an international competitor; becoming part of the swimming club will expand your social circles, forge friendships and provide you with some of the best memories of your university experience.

Since the opening of the new UB Sport and Fitness 50m pool, the swimming club is able to provide a prosperous environment for aspiring high-level athletes. Building on previous years has allowed us to develop a successful club program that is supported by the UBSport Performance Centre staff; a team including sport scientists, psychologists and nutritionists. Swimming at the University of Birmingham enables athletes to achieve success in the pool as well as receiving a world-class education.

The swimming club takes pride in the spirit that runs deep between its members. From encouraging someone to complete first 100m, to cheering on someone in a BUCS final, the University of Birmingham Swimming Club is one huge family.


How to get involved


The membership fees are Swimming high performance (£400), Swimming competition (£350), Swimming development (£245)  and Swimming fitness (£161).

You can also find out how you can get involved with more swimming activities at Sport and Fitness.

Please note that on top of the club fee there is a £16 fee that covers personal accident insurance when training or competing for the University, access to free cross-training sessions such as circuits and yoga, as well as a contribution to the costs of affiliation to various national governing bodies.  This fee is only payable once so if you did decide to join a second club then you would not need to pay a second fee.

Fitness, Friendship, Fun, Belonging, Achievement

3 skills this sport will give you:
Time Management
Team Spirit

Training times & venues

All sessions take place in the UBSport and Fitness Centre.

2019/20 training times (subject to change for 20/21)

Hi-performance: 16 hours and 15 minutes per week. Plus 2 x 1 hour of Strength and Conditioning Training.
Monday AM – 07:00-08:45
Monday PM – 18:00-19:30
Tuesday AM – 06:30-08:30
Wednesday AM – 07:00-08:45
Wednesday PM – 13:30-15:00
Thursday PM – 18:45-20:15
Friday AM – 06:30-08:30
Saturday PM 12:30-14:30

Competitive: 12 hours and 30 minutes per week.
Tuesday AM – 06:30-08:30
Tuesday PM – 20:15-22:00
Wednesday PM – 13:30-14:45
Thursday PM – 18:45-20:15
Friday AM – 06:30-08.30
Saturday PM – 14:00-15:30
Sunday PM – 16:00-18:00

Development: 6 hours and 45 minutes per week.
Tuesday PM – 20:15-22:00
Wednesday PM – 14:45-16:00
Saturday PM – 12:30-14:00
Sunday PM – 16:00-18:00

Fitness: 3 hours per week
Wednesday PM – 15:00-16:00
Saturday PM – 14:30-15:30
Sunday PM – 16:00-17:00/17:00-18:00

There is also the availability to sign up to Spinning and Circuit sessions which take place on Friday and Sunday respectively.


Level of Competition

Level of Competition/participation:

Hi Performance Squad – BUCS Short Course Championships, BUCS Long Course Championships, BUCS Team Championships, Swim England National Winter Championships, British Summer Championships, Swim England National Summer Meet, West Midland Swimming Championships, local open meets

Competitive Squad – BUCS Team Championships, West Midland Swimming Championships, Warwickshire County Championships, Manchester Inter University Competition, local open meets

Development Squad – Warwickshire County Championships, Manchester Inter University Competition, local open meets

Fitness Squad – no requirement to compete

Successes and Achievements

Despite the 2019/2020 season being cut short by COVID-19, UoB Swimming had an incredibly successful year, with an amazing 87 Personal Best’s achieved by our swimmers.

Short Course BUCS (Nov 2019): 1 BUCS medal from Sports Scholar Jess Shaw and 4 Para BUCS medals from Ffion Butler saw us place 8th overall. We had a total of 9 swimmers (plus our relay teams) make individual finals, which gave them the opportunity to race world-class athletes. These swimmers achieved several top 10 finishes, adding to our overall BUCS Gala Points.

Winter Nationals (Dec 2019): 6 of our swimmers qualified for the short course nationals. This was an exciting weekend with lots of races and great way to end the semester and the short course season.

BUCS Nationals (LC) (Feb 2020): 2 BUCS medals from 3rd year Sports Scholar Jess Shaw, 8 finalists and relay team finals saw UoB finish 6th in the country, matching our place last year. Another fantastic weekend of racing that was filled pride and a huge sense of achievement! Bring on 2021!

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic BUCS Team Finals, British Championships (Olympic Trials) and the Summer Championships were cancelled, however we are very much looking forward to hopefully taking on these races when we return to a more normal way of life!!


Interesting facts

Our experienced head coach Gary Humpage has been head coach since 1996 after working as assistant coach for a two-year period, providing the structure that has enabled the club to go from strength to strength. His expertise has helped to develop a legendary team spirit that characterises the University of Birmingham Swimming Club, acknowledged as the best team support and spirit at BUCS Championships.

The Swimming team regularly races against reigning World, European and Commonwealth Champions at all their major meets, thus giving us the opportunity to compare ourselves literally to the best in the World. We are very proud that the team has qualified for BUCS Team Finals 20 times in the past 22 years. Maintaining an atmosphere conductive to performance has enabled our swimmers to reach new heights whilst at university, excelling within sport and academically.

The club welcomes and supports a wide range of members from performance level to those that wish to swim as part of a group socially. There is a group to suit everyone.

There is opportunity to become part of our Club Committee, where student swimmers are encouraged and supported in building additional skills that can be transferred into future employment after graduation. There are a range of committee positions within a large club committee that facilitate experiences that help develop a wide range of skills whilst swimming and studying at Birmingham.

Scholarships are available through our UoB Sport Scholarship program.

Key contacts

Head Coach: Gary Humpage

Club Captains: Jess Shaw

George Boulton