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3 photos of Phil Gooderham

15 Years of Phil Gooderham

This month the University of Birmingham Hockey Club (UOBHC) says goodbye to its extremely successful Director of Hockey, Phil Gooderham, who is retiring. We caught up with the club and asked them to round up an incredible 15 years in a few words. Here’s what they said:

The Hockey Club would like to thank Phil for his years of hard work and dedication to our club, and wish him the happiest of retirements!  For 15 years Phil has been an unwavering presence on the Bournbrook water base, initially as head coach of the Ladies 1st team before also taking on responsibility for the Men’s side of the club three years ago. Phil fostered such a lovely environment that challenged players to grow and allowed amazing friendships to be built. The culture he created is undoubtedly the reason past players leave university with so many fond memories in a UOBHC shirt.

Here are a few highlights of Phil’s time at Birmingham:2016 sports awards summer 2016 winners with trophy

  • BUCS Women’s Championship Knockouts 6x Gold medals, 5x Silver medals
  • 9x BUCS North Premier League Champion
  • 4x BUCS North Premier League Runners up
  • England Hockey Cup winners 2012
  • Overseen the promotion of both Men’s and Women’s 2nd teams to join our 1st teams in The National League, making us the most successful hockey club in the UK with 4 National League teams
  • Longest standing University side in the Investec Women’s Premier Division  (2009-present)
  • x4 seasons competing in the Women’s Super 6’s Premier Division
  • Coached a long list of players that have represented Senior or Under 21 international sides, including Olympic Gold Medallists Lily Owsley and Sophie Bray.

Congratulations on an outstanding career, the UOBHC family will miss you enormously.

Happy retirement ❤️💛💙


“One of the kindest, most inspiring coaches I’ve ever had. It’s no wonder University of Birmingham students put their bodies on the line for him week in week out. It’s testament to Phil’s tactical understanding that the University have achieved so much under him and his individual player coaching and management that so many of the players he has coached have gone on to achieve great things.” – Lily Owsley (Olympic Gold Medallist)

“Phil has been the backbone of UOBHC for the past 15 years and it will be very difficult to for someone to fill his boots! His desire to win and passion as a coach, as well as a genuine fatherly nature, is something I have been extremely grateful for during my time at Birmingham. It is not surprising how successful Phil has been during his time at UOBHC and I have no doubt that the legacy he has instilled will remain for years to come!” – Lauren Hunt (Women’s 1st team Captain 2019-2021)

“What is so impressive about Phil is not only the longevity and calibre of his successes, but the enthusiasm, knowledge and good heartedness that accompanies them. The club will miss him hugely and wish him a long and happy retirement” – Mathew Simonds (Men’s 1st team Captain and Club President 2020-21)

Notable Coached Players


Olympic Gold Medallists

  • Lily Owsley
  • Sophie Bray

GB Senior Women

  • Anna Toman
  • Emily Defroand
  • Erica Sanders
  • Hannah Martin
  • Holly Hunt
  • Holly Munro
  • Holly Payne
  • Olivia Paige
  • Sara Evans (Hayrcoyft)
  • Sarah Page
  • Susie Gilbert
  • Vanessa Hawkins

Scotland Senior Women

  • Rebecca Condie

Wales Senior Women

  • Alys Capell (Brooks)
  • Cerys Preston
  • Delyth Thomas
  • Elin Thomas
  • Emma Griffiths
  • Hannah Richardson
  • Maggs Rees
  • Rosie Bailey
  • Tina Condie (Evans)
  • Vanessa Hawkins
  • Xenna Hughes

Wales Senior Men

  • Hywel Jones
  • Joylon Morgan
  • Rhodri Furlong
  • Ben Clague

England U21 Women/GB Development

  • Alice Garrard
  • Alice Sharp
  • Alice Wills
  • Alicia Caillard
  • Catherine Ledesma
  • Charlotte Bullock
  • Clarissa Goodwin
  • Emily Atkinson
  • Emma Trunks
  • Flora Peel
  • Freya Bull
  • Harriet Mitchell
  • Jen Mashford
  • Jenna Woolven
  • Katherine Somerville
  • Kirsty Dawson
  • Lauren Hunt
  • Lily Walker
  • Lydia Clissitt
  • Lydia Macdonell
  • Millie Attwell
  • Millie Giglio
  • Nicole Marks
  • Olivia Chilton
  • Pip Stewart
  • Pippa Lock
  • Rebecca Van Arrowsmith
  • Sophie Holiday

England U21 Men/GB Development

  • Eddie Way
  • Jack Clee

Wales U21 Men

  • Mike Wood
  • Miles Margetson
  • Jonny Fleck


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