Climbing Storm Round 2 of the London University Bouldering Event

Many UoB Climbers grab highest scores at the second round of the London University Bouldering Event

The second round of the 4 round series was held at Stronghold Climbing Centre in Tottenham. Every centre has a different style of climbing and the team were optimistic as the walls at Stronghold are very similar in style to the one in Birmingham where they regularly train. The team of 8 consisted of Alex Slaughter, George Butler, Jake Smith, Jed Robinson-Wall, Matt Moore, Ella Gilbert, Ky Felix and Lily Porat. Due to travel issues, they were pressed for time on arrival and had to get straight into the competition after only warming up on some of the easier problems and then getting onto the difficult ones before anyone else make the holds greasy and dirty. They decided to split into two groups of 4 to allow them to collaborate effectively and bounce ideas and techniques around between one another, yet  not having to wait too long for each other to finish each climb. Despite all the issues leading up to the competition, the actual event went really well. Many of the team achieved their new highest scores and when all the points were totalled, UoB came in at 6th place.

With two more rounds in the new year, the team will be hoping to climb up the table even further! To keep up to date with all the news coming out of UoB Climbing, be sure to follow them on Twitter

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