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UoB Men's Handball team

Handball pose remarkable comeback against the league leaders

UoB snatch a draw against their local rivals and league leaders.

The Lions started strongly, with the attack clicking nicely, James Crook scoring from the line and Henry Kennard finding the net multiple times in quick succession. South Birmingham kept UoB honest however and despite some good defensive efforts the Lions were only winning 13 – 12 at half time.

The match looked poised to be close, with only one goal in it at half time, but the Lions slipped at the start of the second and found themselves down by 6 goals midway through the half. What followed was a truly remarkable turnaround – the introduction of Tom Williams proving to be a catalyst for the UoB comeback that followed, but equally crucial was the defending of Louis Rasteau. As ever Miguel Neto was first class, making a couple of brilliant penalty saves and Louis Bachellier did really well getting the attack flowing. Luke Bosher also delivered an outrageous lob in the closing minutes, in what is fast becoming a signature move for the diminutive winger.

With less than 2 minutes on the clock UoB were still 2 goals behind until some more Tom Williams magic earned a penalty that brought the Lions within one goal. South Birmingham ran down the clock effectively from their resulting possession and there were just 10 seconds left when the ball was finally turned over. Time stood still as President, Tej Chadeesingh, received the ball and began bearing down on goal. The UoB captain then collected the ball, held his nerve and fired the ball past the South Birmingham goalkeeper to equalise with just 3 seconds left. The ensuing celebratory limbs were well deserved for the UoB players, who made a real statement against a South Birmingham team expecting to win on their way to a potential league title.

Goals from: Edmund Ferreira – 7 Henry Kennard – 5 James Crook – 2 James Lloyd Owain – 2 Tom Williams – 2 Tej Chadeesingh – 1 Iñaki Zarraga – 1 Sha Michael – 1 Matt O’Kelly – 1 Luke Bosher – 1 Daniel Eatough – 1

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