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Korfball team celebrate with medals

Korfball bag brilliant bronze

Korfball ensured that they have won a medal every year since the club has been in existence, after the 3s held their nerve and claimed bronze at BUCS Plate!

It was the team’s  3rd and final round of the BUCS events of the year. Following successful prelims and regional competitions, they entered into this competition as 2nd seed in our group consisting of Newcastle 1s, Liverpool 2s and St Andrew’s 1s.

Their first game of the day was against our the top seed, Newcastle 1s, and everyone was in an excited mood to get going with the competition. The team knew this would be a tough game however came away from it with a 7-5 win and a great atmosphere among the team. The next two games were also a success with strong performances from everyone meaning that they ended Saturday with an 100% record and top of the group. There was a very tired atmosphere that evening as the 6:00am start did not help us, however we got some energy knowing that we were going into the play offs being the only team there to win all their group games!

After a good night’s sleep in Manchester, they were ready to go against Bristol 2s in the quarter final. It was an opposition the team knew very little about, having not seen them play yet. The game started off as being quite close however as the team grew into their stride, they managed to pull away and secure a 17-6 win. Next was the semi-final against Oxford 2s, who had just beaten Brum 4s in the quarter finals. The team knew this would be their toughest game yet, so with some help from some motivational music, their heads were high going into the game. Unfortunately the came away with a 12-6 loss and knowing that they were now in the fight for a Bronze medal against our varsity rivals, Nottingham 3s!

It started off as a cagy affair and took a while before a goal was scored. Brum managed to break the deadlock and then scored two more to grab a 3-0 lead! However Nottingham fought back and managed to secure the next 6, leaving Brum needing at least three unanswered goals or they would finish just short of a medal. Although tense, UoB kept their heads and got the three they needed to take it to 6-6. Both teams kept battling to grab the winner, but the full time whistle went… and this meant penalties!

This was probably the most intense way we possibly could’ve ended our year of BUCS. All the morning training sessions and hours of practice came down to the next three penalty takers. Captain Hannah Bashford and Adam Kayyali both sunk them but Toly Yao’s bounced out meaning that it was 2-2 on pens and sudden death was forced. Nanon Elliott walked up to the line and scored what looked like a very comfortable goal. Nottingham stepped up however didn’t follow in Nanon’s footsteps. And that was it, Brum 3s were BUCS Plate Bronze Medallists!

“I am so proud of the effort shown by everyone not only at the weekend, but throughout the whole year. That bronze medal could not have been won by a more deserving group of people.” – Hannah Bashford, 3s team captain- “We are so grateful for the effort that our coaches, Sam Wells and Emma Portno, put in to help us develop and succeed as a team. The bronze medal could not have been won without you!”

Korfball go again this weekend as the 2s travel to National Trophy and the week after the 1s will be at National Championships. To keep up to date with how the sides get on there, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter.



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