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Mountaineering start the climb to success

Mountaineering produced a solid start in their first competition of the season with a top 10 finish in London

On the 19th October, Birmingham sent a fairly new team to compete in the first round of the London University Bouldering Competition in Croydon. It was a very early start for the 8 man team consisting of: Alex Slaughter, Tom Lightning, George Butler, Hugo Williams, Jed Robinson-Wall, Ella Gilbert, Robyn Hartwell and Ky Felix, but they were all raring to go by the time they reached the venue.

The competition was a gruelling one, lasting over three hours and with 164 climbers from 19 universities, the side new competition would be fierce. Each person had to try each of the 25 different climbs within the time limit and complete them in as few attempts as possible. The style of the routes varied massively, on some the challenge was to walk along the wall across holds the size of the edge of a coin and on others the task was navigating huge jumps (or dynos) on the walls.

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After the first stage of the competition ended, the team waited nervously as they handed in their scorecards to be marked. To the team’s delight Ky Felix had reached the female finals in an amazing 3rd place, after scoring 175 points out of a possible 250. The finals consisted of one route that each of the top three climbers have to try climb in four minutes or less. Ky was the first to try the female final route. She put in an amazing effort but unfortunately couldn’t manage to complete the climb and ultimately finished in 3rd place. Her effort helped UoB place 9th overall, a score the club are happy with but hope to improve in the other 3 events in this competition. With only 3 members of the team being experienced competition climbers and the other 5 being completely new, the club were very pleased with how they performed. The side will now put the hours in to come back even stronger for round 2 which is later this term.

Everyone performed really well on the day, the competition was very challenging and everyone kept their nerves in check. It was definitely a learning experience for the majority of the team as they have never competition climbed before. We will get back to training and come back stronger in Round 2. – Alex Slaughter, Team Captain

To keep up to date with how the club do in the rest of the London University Bouldering Competition and all their other events make sure you visit their website.


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