UpRoar 2019: Lacrosse is a roaring success

The second BUCS Super Series event was a huge hit as large crowds braved the weather to support Birmingham in their games against Edinburgh W2 and Nottingham M1


The day consisted of two matches, with the women kicking things off first and the mens game afterwards. The whole day was backed by the LGBTQ+ society and the whole of campus was encouraged to wear rainbow laces in support of Stonewall’s #ComeOutActive Campaign. There were also performances from the Birmingham Pussycats and BUDS who ensured the entertainment kept coming, even during the half time breaks. The whole event was also broadcast live by Guild TV and there was coverage across BURN FM Sport’s social media as well as clips on their Youtube channel and commentary on their Thursday night show.

University of Birmingham W1 v University of Edinburgh W2



The game against Edinburgh was always going to be tight, Birmingham had already won 7-5 in Scotland earlier this season, but the visitors brought down a strong side and were looking for revenge!

The team started strong, gaining possession and moving the ball fast in attack, enabling Birmingham to go up by 3 goals within the first 10 minutes. This gave the team the confidence we needed to try and widen the score line further managing to reach 5-1. Everything was looking fairly comfortable for UoB, until  a timeout call from Edinburgh completely turned the game around. The visitors finished the half well with strong defence and attacking play, making the score 6-4 at half time.
After a short half time display from BUDS, both teams came out strong in the second half with it all still to play for. Birmingham were able to use some of their set attack plays and defences held strong, despite both teams having success around the goal. The game remained close as it entered the fourth quarter and either side could have come out on top. The competition only continued to build right up until the final whistle, however in the end it was Edinburgh that managed to score the decisive goal with the final play of the game to make them the victors, 12-11.

Final Score: University of Birmingham W1 11-12 University of Edinburgh W2

Everyone played extremely well despite the added nerves from the big crowd and we definitely now know what to work on before we meet them again! – Ali Marriott, Woman’s Captain

University of Birmingham M1 v University of Nottingham M1


In rematch of last season’s BUCS final, Birmingham arrived with a new and improved team with the return of Cam Barrett from injury completing the defence and the addition of Theodore Wrigley and Will Tame bolstering the defence.

The first quarter saw quick goals from Seb Zahn, Silas Burke, and Oli Bournes. This brought to a close a confident and controlled first quarter for Birmingham heading in with a 4-1 lead.Going into the second twenty minutes saw the Birmingham defence hold strong and with the help of quick transition goals from Stuart Beddows, Seb Zahn, and Oli Bournes. Birmingham head into half time with a 7-2 lead over Nottingham.

The third quarter saw the game slow further with Nottingham showing their offensive firepower but remaining unable to break the Birmingham defence. The fourth quarter saw the game burst to life as Nottingham fought hard and Birmingham responded. Through some slick ball movement, Nottingham found their way to 2 unanswered goals to make the score 7-4. Birmingham shifted into 5th gear and through dominant play at the face off X and some man-up situations Birmingham controlled the quarter and cruised to a 12-5 victory with late goals from Silas Burke, Oli Bournes, and a top corner rocket from Kyle Macqueen.

Final Score: University of Birmingham M1 12-5 University of Nottingham M1

UpRoar was about many things, showcasing and exposing lacrosse to a bigger audience on campus but also emphasising that sport is for everyone. With two highly competitive games showing an exceptional standard of lacrosse and rainbow laces and face paint being worn by many players and supporters, UpRoar definitely achieved this.
The BUCS Super Series now goes on its Christmas Holidays, but will be back in the new year for Rugby Union (Engage), before Netball and Basketball (Lockdown) get their chances to shine.

If you enjoyed UpRoar and want to follow UoB Lacrosse more, be sure to follow them on instagram for all the latest updates.

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