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Victory for Birmingham Lions in XpLosION Clean Sheet

The first Super Series event of the year ended with a bang as Birmingham Lions smashed Swansea Titans in a devastating 41-0 defeat.

The Lions barely played a minute in their own half, relentlessly storming the Titan’s defence in an onslaught of offensive plays. With such a commanding and convincing win, the victory means a strong start for the Lions as they begin their campaign for a sixth national title.

Jason Parker, the Birmingham Lions’ President, was delighted with the result.

“The game was incredible, couldn’t have asked for a better result for the team to kick-start the season,” he told UBSport.

Offence Captain James Schofield agreed. “Winning in such dominant fashion at home gives us great momentum heading into an important part of our season,” he said. “We couldn’t have been happier with how the day panned out.”

Having a home crowd advantage definitely didn’t go amiss. The support for the Lions turned out in their hundreds, creating an electric atmosphere which only increased after an incredible performance by the Birmingham Pussycats. “The crowd was amazing and the atmosphere was something I have never experienced in my life before,” said Defence Captain Laurence Piper. “The best moment of my sporting life by far and such a privilege to be a part of.” The lively crowd made it a night to remember for everyone involved in the Lions camp and made it difficult for Swansea to gain any momentum during the game.

Another positive that came out of the match was the number of players who managed to score, proving the Lions’ squad to be dynamic and versatile. Both Conner O’Neil and Bryan Okai scored two rushing touchdowns each, with Rylee Ocampo and James Schofield also each contributing a touchdown. Schofield also scored a 2-point conversion along with Luca Cicale. Clearly out of their many strengths, the depth of the Lions’ team is something that will help carry them forward throughout the season.

When asked what’s next for the Lions, Parker emphasised the importance of the team staying focused.

“It bodes well for the season to have a large victory to kick off the season,” he said. “But we can’t get complacent. Everything is week to week.”

The Lions have made their mark early on in the season, making a point of how they mean to go on. With the rest of the season ahead, it seems they are in with a good chance of winning a sixth national title.

The exciting BUCS Super Series returns next term. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Header image: Kellan Morgan Photography

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