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oranges, apples, limes and bananas CategoriesNutrition

How diet can optimise immunity

You cannot ‘boost’ your immune function through your diet, however your diet can be used to optimise and support the…
Returning to work CategoriesPsychology

The psychology of effectively working from home

Working from home Working from home and self-isolating can be difficult, but being aware of a few key aspects can…
Woman with punch mitts CategoriesPsychology

New Year, Same Me… But Better!

Everyone is well aware of that much-posted typical January mantra: ‘New Year, New ME!’ and research conducted by Strava last…
pregnancy exercise CategoriesNutrition Physiology Psychology

Baby Bump to Body Pump – can I exercise during pregnancy?

The do’s and do-not’s of exercising during pregnancy is a much discussed topic, and it can be hard to know…
nutrition CategoriesNutrition Physiology Psychology

Training for a 10k – Nutrition prep

Prior to any run it’s important to ensure you’re fuelled and ready to go. We caught up with Ollie Armstrong, resident Physiologist…
10k mental prep CategoriesNutrition Physiology Psychology

Training for a 10k – the mental prep

With the Birmingham Great Run 10k looming just around the corner, we chatted to our Sport Psychology Lead about how…