American Football


The Birmingham Lions have been one of the most dominant teams in University American Football since the team’s creation over 20 years ago. The men’s first team play in BUCS Premier South.


They have been national champions on five separate occasions, the club provides the perfect environment for those looking play American Football at a high level and make the most out of their University experience.


The main highlight of the year is always xpLosION. This is the opening home game of each season and regularly attracts over 4,000 spectators. The game is followed by a huge fireworks display, and has a performance from the Birmingham Pussycats Cheerleaders at half time.

Those completely new to the sport are more than welcome, with the majority of the team starting the sport at university. The sport encompasses a wide range of skills and tactical thinking.


Alongside the University team, the programme also boasts Youth and Junior teams, a Women’s team and a Flag Football team.

Sponsored by Train Fitness.


President: Jack Farr


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