BUAC Cool Runnings


Cool Runnings is the participation wing of the University of Birmingham Athletics and Cross Country club, with our combined membership making us the largest club on campus. Cool Runnings’ focus is on participation running in a pressure-free environment. Helping you pursue your passion for Running at your pace. We run a highly-successful Couch to 5k programme, with over 70 participants in the first year it was introduced. 


Training sessions cater to all abilities, and can be as competitive or casual as you like. Whether you’ve never run before, or you’re aiming for a half-marathon or even more; BUAC Cool Runnings is the perfect club for you. Participation, improvement and enjoyment are at the heart of everything we do.

Cool Runnings has a friendly inclusive atmosphere and offers the opportunity to get to know each other at our regular social events building a real sense of community around the club. Social events range from fortnightly sports nights at the Guild, ice-skating, Christmas dinner and much more! We regularly attend local running events, such as Cannon Hill Parkrun and Sutton Park Winter Warmer, whilst other notable events include the Great Birmingham 10k.


President: Joe Parkin


Athletics Track

Built in 2017, our athletics track has hosted a variety of world-class competitions including the European 10,000m Cup.