Ki Taekwondo


Taekwondo, a Korean martial art renowned for its kicking, means “the way of the foot and fist”. We are part of the Ki Taekwondo Association and are an active, diverse and supportive club, catering to everyone from beginners to black belts. The club trains on a regular basis up to three times a week and focuses on WT (Olympic style) Taekwondo but accommodates ITF and other styles too.


Our yearly activities include competitions in sparring (Kyorugi) and patterns (Poomsae) on student and non-student level, grading every term, demonstration performances, seminars, fundraising and socials. We compete in every British Student Taekwondo Federation competition in both sparring and patterns. These are hosted in Birmingham, Nottingham, Worcester and Imperial College.


In training, we work on fitness and flexibility, drill on kick pads, practise traditional patterns, combat-style sparring and self-defence. When you join our club, you are joining a community, not just a sport – make new friends and have fun with us!


Everyone’s first two sessions are free, so join us to get stronger, faster and fitter whilst learning an Olympic sport.


President: Grace Leppard



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